Scratch now Hishgad on your mobile!

New in Israel! Scratching Hishgad cards on your mobile and everything on the winwin-hishgad website. At home, in the office, at sea with coffee or anywhere you choose! Scratch cards and receive money directly to your bank account!

How it works winwin-hishgad

Super innovative patent for scratching the card directly from the computer and laptop

New in Israel! Scratching the lottery tickets of the lottery straight from the cell phone and / or computer / tablet In the online age of the 2000s, there is no reason to waste precious time searching for a stand and then looking for parking! You buy quickly through the site. Our advanced and sophisticated machines scrape the card for you and the winnings immediately go into your personal bank account on an easy, simple, sophisticated and completely reliable site - technology that helps you wherever you are here and now.

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